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Simple Pascal Windows program calling D procedure and FORTRAN Function

proot is a very simple Pascal Windows program demonstrating calling D and FORTRAN subprograms (and it does
something useful, unlike Hello World) - calculates N  X  .   proot uses Win32 API calls and three .dll's (described below).

proot user interface

  1. proot.pas - Windows main program, developed using Free Pascal. For those just learning Win32 API programming,
    proot.pas is commented as to what each section is doing.
  2. hwndio.pas - collection of Free Pascal general purpose functions for Windows Edit Boxes I/O, field tabbing. Source
    code is commented as to purpose. Compile with batch file fpcdll.bat
    hwndio.dll - hwndio.pas dynamic link library
    hwndio.lib - not used in this application; hwndio.pas import library, built using Digital Mars implib utility (file bup.zip);
    used by a more advanced version of Simulated Annealing Demonstration; D requires import libraries.
  3. heditio.d - as described in D module hedtio, collection of D functions for Windows Edit Boxes I/O, Keyboard Interface
    for a Standard Scroll Bar, right click short cut popup menu for basic clipboard operations; proot calls procedure
    hEditInitMsg(...) to set the edit control child window's font using its D mangled name (identified using
    Dependency Walker, see graphic below)
    hedtio.di - not used in this application; hedtio.d d interface file, can be used by DMD when compiling D main program
    (instead of using hedtio.d for the module definition)
    hedtio.dll - hedtio.d dynamic link library; built by chedtio.bat using Digital Mars D compiler.
    hedtio.lib - not used in this application; hedtio.d import library; built by chedtio.bat during the compilation process
  4. sttstcs.for function NROOT (...) - function subprogram in sttstcs.for to compute N  X  ;  to prevent a possible intellectual
    property violation, limited sttstcs.for source code available for download, since the original FORTRAN source code is
    published; the unmodified Numerical Recipes Statistical Analysis FORTRAN source code is available at
    Older Numerical Recipes book editions
    sttstcs.dll - sttstcs.for dynamic link library; built using Silverfrost FTN95 Plato IDE
    sttstcs.lib - not used in this application; sttstcs.for import library; this can be either MicroSoft linker compatible
    OR Digital Mars D compatible.

The D compiler "mangles" function/procedure names when compiling source code - the mangled name is what is stored
in the import library (hedtio.lib) and dynamic link library (hedtio.dll); this is the procedure name (mangled) to use to call from
Pascal, not the procedure name (unmangled) in the d interface file (hedtio.di).1  Will need to use Dependency Walker (or a
similar tool) to identify the mangled name in the .dll (hedtio.dll).

Open either a D executable calling hEditInitMsg (...) or hedtio.dll itself, look in Export Function List View (middle right)
for a function name containing hEditInitMsg (highlighted below) - this is the mangled name to use for the call - in this case it
is D6hedtio12hEditInitMsgFNbPvZv.  Some types of modifications to the D function will cause a change in the function's
mangled name, making it necessary to modify and recompile the Pascal .dll/program.

Dependency Walker user interface

External Procedures:
GET_SMALLINT (...) checks that the contents of the child window (or edit control) is a valid smallint, converts it to a smallint, and returns the value in i.

GET_DOUBLE (...) performs a similar operation for doubles

GET_SMALLINT (...) is also used by a D Windows program, and is declared with the following:
extern (Pascal)
{   short GET_SMALLINT (ref short, HWND) nothrow; }
in the D program.

When compiling a D program, extern (Pascal) automatically makes the procedure name upper case letters, D is case sensitive, therefore the names of any procedures declared extern Pascal must be upper case.  Subprograms written in other programming languages that are case insensitive and are to be called by D, as in the case of GET_SMALLINT (...), must have all upper case function/procedure/subroutine names.2

Functionally, have found extern (Pascal) is D's closest approximation to stdcall.3

PutSmallint(...) converts a smallint to char, then outputs it in a child window edit control

PutDouble2(...) converts and formats a double to char using FloatToStrF (...), then outputs it in a child window edit control

hWndTabMsg(...) allows the user to tab from edit control to edit control
The resulting external procedures definitions:
proot.pas external procedures
D6hedtio12hEditInitMsgFNbPvZv (...) is the D mangled name for procedure hEditInitMsg in module hedtio and is called using cdecl(in a few cases Pascal calling D may produce run-time or other errors;  this has been limited to procedures passing record structures - adjusting {$packrecords } may solve problem;  a second problem area can be passing by value an element from a HWnd array - solution is to define a single HWnd variable, move HWnd array element to that variable, and pass that variable;  another tricky area is character arrays;  as a general rule, have found D calling non-D functions/procedures/subroutines to be more robust than the other way around;  it is possible I may have missed something in the D documentation.)

NROOT (...) is in the FORTRAN sttstcs.dll and uses stdcall. FORTRAN is case insensitive, so use all upper case letters for names.  By default, FORTRAN expects all arguments to be passed by reference.

  1. Create, compile, and link sttstcs.for.
  2. Compile and link hedtio.d into hedtio.dll:
    Open D2 32-bit Command Prompt
  3. Compile and link hwndio.pas into hwndio.dll:
    In the same D2 32-bit Command Prompt
    fpcdll hwndio
  4. Compile and link proot.pas into proot.exe:
    Run the Free Pascal IDE, open and compile proot.pas

1. Have successfully experimented in another Pascal Windows application calling the D function at right (listing shown is an early version; download hedtio.di and hedtio.d for latest version; function contains additional comments and error processing).  Both cPopUpMenu (...) and hEditPopUpMenu (...) are functions in module hedtio.

Declared cPopUpMenu (...) extern (C) to avoid D6hedtio12hEditInitMsgFNbPvZv (...) issues mentioned above.

In this instance, the D compiler did not mangle function name cPopUpMenu.

In the Pascal Windows application, if the user right-clicks in an element of an edit control array (element passed as hEdit), cPopUpMenu (...) is called.  cPopUpMenu (...) performs some initialization (including calling _control87(...)), calls hEditPopUpMenu (...), returning the result to the Pascal Windows application.  This successfully displays the D custom pop up menu.

It is necessary to call _control87(...) to prevent an EInvalidOP crash when hEditPopUpMenu (...) is
function cPopUpMenu
called (probably due to the try {...} catch {...} processing in hEditPopUpMenu (...)).  _control87(...) is defined in the D
runtime, and declared in hedtio.d with extern (C) {...}_MCW_EM is a constant defined in hedtio.di and hedtio.d.
popup.inc is a Pascal include file of constants returned by cPopUpMenu (...)Initial testing indicates this is a more reliable
method than that used for calling hEditInitMsg (...).

2. See Mixing Languages for additional insight on DMD compilers (excluding D) linkage with C, FORTRAN, and Pascal
3. See PASCAL-style and STDCALL calling conventions for additional information.

Any and all ©copyrights, ® ™ trademarks, or other intellectual property (IP) mentioned here are the property of their respective owners.  No infringment is intended.

Feel free to use any of the above in your project (without violating any intellectual property rights); please give credit (same idea as Copyleft).

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